Hong Jing Tian/Rhodiola Rosea Concentrated Granules Extract (7:1)



Hong Jing Tian, also known as Rhodiola Rosea, Golden Root, is widely distributed in the northern hemisphere, at high altitudes (3,500-5,000 meters) of mountainous regions. There are over 90 different species of Rhodiola worldwide, 70 of which can be found in China. Tibet has the greatest number of species (30) and the largest amount grown.

Hong Jing Tian is mild in nature, and sweet and bitter in flavor. It mainly manifests its therapeutic actions in the Lung Meridian and Heart Meridian. Hong Jing Tian has been used as a folk tonic for over a thousand years; people like to decoct it or soak it in wine, to alleviate physical fatigue and protect against winter coldness in mountainous regions. It has a much earlier tradition in Tibetan medicine; many Tibetan classics have recorded this herb which is used to treat pneumonia, coughing up blood, spitting blood and vaginal secretions in women.

According to TCM understanding, Hong Jing Tian can replenish qi (vital energy), clear the lung system, nourish the heart system, enhance mental functioning, stop bleeding, and dissipate swelling and bruises. Clinically, it is indicated for conditions like general weakness after major illness, chest pain or angina, paralysis caused by stroke, fatigue, shortness of breath, traumatic injuries, and neurosis in addition to high altitude sickness. is considered the "king of all herbs" in many countries. The scientific name of the herb (Panax Ginseng) is derived from the Greek words pan (all) and akos (cure), meaning that the root is a sort of panacea.


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