DAODI ® Non-Sulfur Treated Yi Yi Ren/Yi Mi/Coix Seed/Job’sTears Seed 500g


Non-Sulfur Treated Herbs


Yi Yi Ren, also known as Yi Ren, Yi Mi, Job's Tears Seeds, Coix Seeds, are usually oval-shaped or egg-shaped, with a milky white outer surface and a slightly sweet taste.

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Yi Yi Ren has a sweet, bland and slightly cool properties. It promotes the health of various internal organs, especially the spleen and the lungs. It removes heat, reduces swelling, relieves joint pain, clears heat, eliminates phlegm, drains pus and triggers diuresis. Chinese medicine practitioners also use it to treat diarrhea, rheumatism, arthritis and cancer. The ingredients in the seeds also are said to treat skin diseases and improve the skin, hair and nails. One study found yi yi ren to improve cytotoxic activity, which could help the body fight viral infections.

Culinary uses

Like many other grains, Yi Yi Ren can be prepared by boiling or steaming. One part of  Yi Yi Ren to 2 parts of water for a pilaf caserole. One part of Jobs Tears to 8 parts of water for a soup.Before boiling or cooking raw Job’s Tears, rinse and soak in water for about an hour. Then boil with the same water for an hour.

Chinese Recipe: The Chinese cook it into a drink, served hot or chilled and seasoned with sugar or honey. By adding a tea spoon of fresh lemon juice, it is another hit way of savoring the drink.

Expire Date: Jan 2019 or later

Package: 500g/Bag


How to implement Chinese herbs in daily cooking

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