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Shan Zha, also known as Crataegi Fructus or Chinese hawthorn berry, is sour and sweet in taste, and slightly warming in action. Hawthorn nourishes the heart, increases oxygen flow to the heart muscle, reduces blood vessel lining inflammation and helps digest fats and oils.a commonly used medicinal for dispersing food stagnation. Traditionally, different processed forms of Shan Zha were used for different applications, and a significant amount of modern research has gone into the effects of processing (pao zhi) on its chemistry and pharmacology.

Similar (but not identical) species of hawthorn are used by both Chinese and Western herbalists to benefit the heart. Western herbalists consider it to be a tonic "food for the heart." It is safe and effective for long-term use. For serious heart conditions, it may be best to use concentrated extracts and syrups, which contain more of the beneficial pigment compounds. TCM herbalists use the fruit to help patients digest fats and other heavy foods. Because the species are not identical, it is best to use the Western variety to treat heart problems, and the Chinese variety to treat digestion-related disorders. It is very common in China to see children eating candy-coated hawthorn fruit on a stick.

Culinary uses

Shan Zha is used to make many kinds of Chinese snacks and produce jams, jellies, juices, alcoholic beverages, and other drinks. It is naturally very sour and can be mixed with sugar, water, and lemon juice to make delicious medicinal lemonade. Try it in the summer after a big meal!

Expire Date: Jan 2019 or later

Package: 500g/Bag

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