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Ren Shen/Ginseng is considered the "king of all herbs" in many countries. The scientific name of the herb (Panax Ginseng) is derived from the Greek words pan (all) and akos (cure), meaning that the root is a sort of panacea.

Ginseng has been classified as an antioxidant, helping to destroy free radicals and reduce their negative effects. The root contains substances called ginsenosides, which stimulate the immune system and fight fatigue and stress. Several dozen studies have shown that ginseng enhances physical and mental performance and improves mood and metabolic function. Other studies suggest ginseng can provide a wealth of benefits, including: improved blood cholesterol, lowered liver toxicity, lowered blood sugar levels, improved blood oxygen flow, control of asthma and other respiratory diseases, and enhanced stamina.

Ingredients: Ginseng 100%

Expire Date: Nov 2019 or later

Package: 6 Capsules/Bottle

Dosage: 2 capsule each time, twice daily. 1/2 hour after meals.



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