Hair Products

Just Arrived!!

Here at FabWorld we are always looking to expand our ranges. We are proud and excited to announce that we will be offering some of the best hair products on the market. We have a wide range of hair extensions from Synthetic to Human hair extensions from a number of different brands.


Hair extensions are more popular than ever nowadays. It is an ever growing market with sellers offering Clip-In Hair Extensions to Ponytail pieces. Whether your goal is to add length or volume, without the use of chemicals, glue or heat, hair extensions are the way forward to change your look instantly.

The Halo Brand

 The Halo Hair extensions brand is a well known brand in the hair world! Their hair extensions have been sourced from the finest quality of hair from around the world and they only believe in Human Hair that is 100%.

What makes these hair extensions different is that they have a new exciting innovative technology and concept in applying the extensions. They don’t use a clip-in system instead they use what they call a ‘miracle’ wire that is placed and secured around your head that you then adjust it to fit your head size! The wire is made out of patent pending material so that the halo will be sure to have a perfect fit every single time. The Halo is placed around your head and concealed with the top layer of your own hair that has been pulled through and over the wire.

They are quick and easy to apply, feels extremely secure and doesn’t weigh your hair down like ordinary clip-in hair extensions.


Stranded Brand

We will be offering a range of different synthetic products from this particular brand with a wide variety of colours and styles. From 3/4 Wigs to the amazing Stranded Virtu Invisi-Hair.

With the help of the 3/4 wigs you will manage to achieve the much wanted glamorous hairstyles of celebrities such as Cheryl Cole and Nicole Scherzinger without having to spend hours in a hairdressers or paying a small fortune. It will add both length and volume to your hair at affordable prices.

The Stranded Virtu Invisi-Hair Hairpiece creates an instant chic and stylish look in seconds. There is no glue, clips or weaving involved in the application of these hair extensions! There is a transparent wire that is secured around your head and is then hidden by your own hair. Hassle free, quick and easy!



Other Brands, Styles & Colours coming soon!