Standard Steps of Brewing Chinese Tea

1. WARM UP TEA SET: Use boiling water to warm the Teapot and wash the tea set in preparation for tea

Making Tea Step 12. ADD TEA LEAVES: Choose 5g – 10g of tea leaves depending on personal taste; For weaker tasting tea – Decrease the amount of tea leaves; For stronger tasting tea – Increase the amount of leaves

Making Tea Step 2

3. ADD WATER: Use 150ml – 250ml of water between the temperature of 75°c – 95°c depending on the type of tea being used (preferably good spring water or filtered tap water)

4. BREW TEA: Leave the first tea to brew, depending on the tea type, anywhere between 10 – 35 seconds, then add 10-15 seconds on top of the previous brewing time for each brew afterwards

Making Tea Step 3

5. ENJOY YOUR TEA: Once brewed, strain the infusion into the serving jug (known as Gong Dao Bei ) then pour as required into individual cups

Making Tea Step 4

Making Tea Step 5

The tea leaves can be brewed between 5 – 7 times by repeating from step 3. Traditionally the 2nd and 3rd brews are the best.

*Please note that these instructions are only a guide; adapt to your own personal preference

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