Phoenix Acupuncture Needles– Copper Handle WITH Tubes 100/Box

Phoenix Acupuncture Needles–The Sharpest and Smoothest Needles

Phoenix acupuncture needles are made from Japanese top grade surgical steel under advanced manufacturing facilities. The material used is highly ductile, springy and strong. Needle tips are well sharpened and polished for painless insertion. From top grade inspection and materials, right the way through the production process, the production of the Phoenix Acupuncture Needles is strictly controlled to ensure that needles always reach the premier standard which is widely recognised by our customers.

Phoenix acupuncture needles are sterilised by Gamma x-ray, which is more thorough and safe than other current disinfection methods. The blister packages are made with polypropylene, which is non skin irritating and eco friendly. Lets help climate change from our daily practices.

Phoenix Copper Handle Acupuncture Needles

Phoenix copper needle needles make it perfectly suited for electro stimulation and moxibustion. Needles have thicker handles than other brands which makes the needles easier to manipulate. Available with guide tubes (1 needle/blister). Boxes come in 100 needles/box.

Available size:

Copper Handle Acupuncture Needle